About Treppeda’s

With delicious house-made pastas, sausage and cured meats, fresh baked breads and locally sourced ingredients, Treppeda’s has been serving up fresh Italian food in a lively environment in old town Niwot since 1996. Treppeda’s Ristorante recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

“I like unexpected company” – Howard Treppeda

Howard Treppeda grew up in the Hudson River Valley, in New York, with the rich food culture of his parents, first generation Americans from Sicily and Rome. His father was a Jazz trumpet musician so naturally, Howard began taking piano lessons from a family friend, Angelo. As a child, Howard was immediately drawn to the culinary arts. His father came to him with a set of knives and said “Angelo says you don’t have timing….start cooking.”


Howard’s education in the culinary world began at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. In 1994, he was given the opportunity to live and work in Amsterdam, Netherlands– what he gained was an even deeper appreciation of the old world traditions. While working as a Sou Chef at The Expressionist in the heart of Amsterdam, he furthered his skills on his days off, commuting to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.
Upon returning to the United States, Howard settled in Boulder County, with the ambition to replicate the quality of food service and culture in Europe.
The small town charm of Niwot sold Howard on the idea that this close-knit community needed a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

His many trips to Italy learning and embracing wine culture, only served to strengthen his resolve to break down barriers with food and wine. Music has always been an important part of Howard’s life despite not having “the timing”. The combination of exceptional music and food had brought back old memories from his youth — from New York block parties to embracing the festival scene during his travels abroad–he wanted to bring that sense of connectivity and comradery to Niwot.
Lifelong love and support of music led Howard to establish the Colorado Jazz Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which advocates for early Jazz education to our community’s youth.

This nonprofit is proud to have the community dancing in the streets of Niwot, in front of Treppeda’s, during their annual Jazz on 2nd Avenue Festival. Howard believes strongly that music is the glue of a community, this festival is a natural extension of his vision. Bringing people to the table as a town and a family has always been Howard’s priority, but providing music to the town allows people to communicate with rhythms and smiles.

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